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Our first stop is a coastal observation site which is just offshore from Kahe Point (located on the southwest portion of the island of Oahu). This station allows us to understand coastal Hawaiian waters better through the measurements we take and it gives us an opportunity to test the ship's equipment (winches, cranes, etc.) and to train new personnel in the science party. It is a sunny day at Kahe Point so we should get some interesting results from our Profiling Reflectance Radiometer (PRR) and our Tethered Spectral Radiometer Buoy (TSRB). These instruments will help us to determine how sunlight is penetrating through the water. Sunlight in the ocean is an important measurement as the sun is the ocean's source for heating and the ocean's plant and animal life depend on the sun to live. These measurements will continue at Station ALOHA.

Deployment of a Profiling Reflectance Radiometer (PRR)


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