Craig T. Nosse

I am deeply indebted to Dr. David Siegel and Dr. Libe Washburn. Without their guidance, support and good nature, I would never have been able to pursue oceanography as a career. At times they may be found on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, but their willingness to discuss anything from convection to libation (sorry Libe, no pun intended), helped me through three important years of my life. I would also like to thank Dr. Raymond Smith for agreeing to be on my thesis committee despite his extremely busy schedule.

The amount of computer work required to finish this thesis was quite involved. Carter Ohlmann deserves a PhD in Computer Data Processing as well as Physical Oceanography. He is also a decent tennis player, budding snowboarder and overall a pretty good friend. The computing facilities which are set up at CRSEO by Steve Miley and Jim Davidson are truly first rate and the programming skills of Daniel Konnoff and the MATLAB skills of Erik Fields saved me years of work. The administrative staff of CRSEO consisting of, Mo Lovegreen, Kersten Barney, Tina Sicre and Jeni Dennin never get the recognition that they deserve. Without their hard work, CRSEO would cease to function.

Most importantly, I would like to thank all my friends who helped me get through two years of graduate school. Some friends, like Scott Bell and Brian Emery, were tolerant enough (or dumb enough) to live with me for a few years. Jeff Benson, Gary Hughes and Julie Siegel were good enough not to throw me overboard while at sea. And finally, I would like to send my thanks out to Derigan Silver, Meg Gardner, John Sciacca, Rain Strauss, Jon Chambers, Chris Weir, Carey Parlette and Heather Kelley. These individuals always helped me to keep my life in context. Graduate school isn't the most important thing in life, but good friends, good times and happiness are. Financial support for this work was provided by National Science Foundation grant OCE-91-10556.