During HOT-42 to HOT-114, the group used measurement sheets to manually record the measurements from Autosal 8400A. Though this increased accuracy and organization in recording before, during, and after session information such as temperature, ZERO, STBY #, time, and standardization knob setting, manual recording of Autosal readings was messy and often times unreliable. During HOT-114, the group started using the Autosal interface but still used the measurement sheets until the interface was working properly. The use of measurement sheets stopped for HOT-115, and the use of the interface improved data capture accuracy while recording other facts began to be ignored. It is difficult to find consistent notes regarding observations or temperature fluctuations during HOT-115 to HOT-140. From HOT-141, we started using the measurement sheets again in order that we could record important ancillary information in an organized, consolidated manner. The new Autosal Salinity Measurement Sheets can be found as Sal_Sheets.pdf, and should aid an operator in recording all pertinent information during a measurement run or session. Completed Measurement Sheets, along with the printouts from the Autosal interface, should be filed into the Autosal Measurement Log binders. In addition, anything and everything done to, near, or concerning the Autosal must be recorded in the Autosal Run Log (sheets can be found as Run_Log.pdf) and filed into the Autosal Run Log binder. We must get into the habit of recording everything in one consolidated area so that the next person looking for additional information need not look anywhere else and can feel confident about having all necessary information.


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