In addition to controlling temperature fluctuations, every Autosal operator should maintain good measurement habits:

1. Make sure we have enough substandard water for this cruise and the next cruise. If not, arrange to obtain more seawater during the upcoming cruise.

2. The ZERO reference must be close to zero, and the STANDBY reading should remain stable.

3. See that the lamps that regulate bath temperature are flashing on and off.

4. Keep things clean. Kim wipes must be used consistently and with care when measuring salinity samples.

5. Clean the conductivity cell regularly. After each session, rinse the cell thoroughly with distilled water.

6. Shake the bottles hard!!! This will minimize the chance of having salt crystals that may affect the measurements.

7. Never adjust the standardization knob after the machine has been initially standardized for a measurement run.

8. Keep an eye out for abnormal substandard readings. They could be an indication that the Autosal might be experiencing problems during a measurement session.

9. Adjust the suppression knob when the reading is blinking or when indicated by the asal program.

10. Measure a substandard every 24 samples and when ending a session. Measure an IAPSO after the substandard if ending the last session or a duplicate session.

11. Keep detailed notes in the Measurement Sheets, the Run Log, and the Maintenance Database.


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