Each Autosal operator should keep their eyes open for signs of normal operation, such as flashing light bulbs, clean conductivity cell, smooth flow in and out, etc. Cleaning the conductivity cell is an extremely important regular maintenance task that must not be ignored. It is best to clean the cell every one or two cruises in order to attain the best readings from the Autosal. Light bulbs within and associated with the Autosal must also be closely maintained, for the flashing lights control temperature, of which any fluctuation might greatly affect salinity data. These light bulbs are regulated by thermistors, which control bath temperatures and will begin to fail after 5-7 years of use. Thus it is recommended by Guildline to measure the bath temperature every two weeks to monitor thermistor conditions, if the Autosal is used constantly. We also suggest changing both light bulbs in the case of failure of one bulb. The failure of one indicates the likely failure of the other bulb shortly after. Regular maintenance may also include changing substandard batches, changing bottle sets, replacing broken or damaged sampling bottles, and so on.

All regular maintenance must be documented in the Autosal Run Log. The Run Log binder contains template sheets for the Run Log, as well as the Salinity Measurement Sheets, which must be refilled and kept in stock when they run low. An example Run Log is included in this report, listing all regular maintenance and some activities done on the Minisal or Autosal up until the completion of this report (Appendix J). The activities preceded with an asterisk have reports included in respective appendices.


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