Graph of IES derived dynamic heights (dyn-m) VS. HOT Cruises and year.

Dynamic height from the inverted echo sounders (IES) after removal of the semi-diurnal, diurnal tides and variability with times-scales less than one day. The plots are staggered at 0.2 dyn-m intervals (the curve labeled "C" corresponds to the y-scale). The dotted line is an average of the N, SW, and SE records between June 1992 and May 1993. This and the 1991-1992 C-record have been calibrated from CTD casts at Station ALOHA made during 25 cruises. The C and Kaena records for the following years were also calibrated against the CTD data from HOT cruises. The horizontal axis above the plots shows the HOT cruise numbers. The deployed locations of the IESs are shown here. The locations of the deployments were changed in May 1993 (one IES was deployed at Station Kaena, K) in order to span the Hawaiian Ridge Current.