HOT-302 Chief Scientist Daily Reports

Aloha from the deep sediment trap deployment site NE of St. ALOHA. This morning, we arrived back to station earlier than expected and completed 3 CTD casts. After a successful deep trap deployment, we are currently triangulation the anchor location then proceeding to the WHOTS site for another CTD.

We expect to be back at Pier 35 early afternoon tomorrow, May 18th.

Scheduled work not completed at ALOHA:
PP array, gas array, SCOPE deep sampling below 1000m, second deep cast, Hyperpro, reference samples for S-lab.

Daily Event Log (All dates and times are UST):

17 May 2018
1315  Arrive St. ALOHA
1323  Begin S2C8 1000m CTD cast
1430  End cast
1539  Begin S2C9 1000m CTD
1650  End cast
1726  Begin S2C10
1841  End cast
1846  Transit to deep trap deployment site
2115  Begin deep trap deployment at 22 43.714'N, 157 56.091'W
2300  Released anchor at 22 51.285'N, 157 55.491'W
2330  Begin anchor triangulation

Dan Sadler
University of Hawaii at Manoa

We are currently transiting back to Station ALOHA to resume operations after diverting to Halewia for medical reasons. ETA back at ALOHA is 0400 HST, Thursday, May 17 where we have scheduled 3 1000m CTD casts to complete core and ancillary upper water work, Hyperpro cast, deployment of the deep moored sediment traps and a cast at the WHOTS mooring. Return to Honolulu is expected to be 1300, Friday, May 18. This revised shedule allows for completion of all originally planned cruise work except the floating PP and Gas arrays and a second deep cast,

Daily Log (All dates and times are UST)

14 May 2018
1820 Depart Pier 35
1910 Safety and Abandon Ship Drills
1930 Safety and Science Meeting
2141 Arrive St. Kahe
2152 Weight cast to 500 m
2230 Hyperpro
2315 Deep Argo float practice deployment
2320 Finished practice deployment
2348 Begin S1C1 CTD to 1000m

15 May 2018
0100 End cast
0105 Transit to ALOHA
1240 Deep Argo float deployment at 22 29.955'N, 158 4.103'W
1247 Resume transit to St. ALOHA
1430 Deployed Wirewalker at 22 39.96'N, 158 1.722'W
1521 Deployed sediment traps at 22 42.217'N, 158 1.722'W
1630 Begin S2C1 near bottom CTD cast
2025 End cast
2035 Net tow 1
2105 Net tow 2
2223 Begin S2C2 1000m CTD
2335 End cast

16 May 2018
0023 Begin S2C3 1000m CTD
0132 End cast
0249 Begin S2C4 1000m CTD
0401 End cast
0559 Begin S2C5 1000m CTD
0705 End cast
0800 Net tow 3
0835 Net tow 4
0911 Begin S2C6 1000m CTD
1018 End cast
1106 Start optics at 22 45.2935'N, 158 00.5350'W
1200 OTG tech hurt hand during optics operations. Bridge and Captain contacted.
1240 End optics at 22 45.7959'N, 158 00.5350'W
1308 Begin S2C7 CTD 1000m CTD
1424 End cast
1552 Begin sediment trap recovery at 22 42.021'N, 158 01.474'W
1631 End recovery
1800 Begin Wirewalker recovery at 22 39.61'N, 158 01.402'W
1830 Transit to Haleiwa for medical transfer
1942 Deployed deep Argos float at 22 30.750'N, 158 01.402'W
1945 Resumed transit to Haleiwa

17 May 2018
0315 Arrived Haleiwa. Transfered OTG tech ashore in small boat along with one additional science party.
0405 Transt to St. ALOHA

Dan Sadler
University of Hawaii at Manoa

All work was completed at Kahe but arrival at ALOHA delayed due to ship speed limit of 6 knots. Wire walker and traps deployed and drifting south. PP array moved to tomorrow because of late arrival. Deep Argos float deployed 10 miles south of station edge at 0245 HST this morning. Winds from east at 5-10 knots. 

Apologies for brief report as email service from the ship is limited. 

Dan Sadler
University of Hawaii at Manoa