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Who? How? When? What? Where?

Perhaps you are curious about when some of the AAGRUUK holdings were collected, you'd like to know more about the instrument that was used to acquire the data, or how data are processed. If you want to expand your understanding of arctic explorations or arctic geophysical data, this is a good place to start. AAGRUUK provides brief descriptions of when the data in the archive were collected, details about the field programs (e.g., goals, accomplishments and related links), the type of instruments used (including some basic physics explaining how they work) and how the data were processed. This section also includes lots of photographs depicting operations in the Arctic Ocean, both above and below the ice canopy, that we hope will be useful for your presentations.

Education User's Archive Sections

Timeline : An overview of the periods when various arctic geophysical programs took place.

Programs : A summary of the major geophysical investigations that have taken place in the Arctic Ocean.

Technology : Tutorials describing concepts (i.e., how do we navigate?) plus specific instruments and methods used to collect the data in this archive.

Data : Examples of the types of geophysical data collected around the Arctic Ocean and some pointers about data interpretation.

Arctic Maps : Cool maps of arctic geophysics.

Sounds : Recordings of animals that live in and around the Arctic Ocean.

Photo Galleries : Pictures from scientific missions.


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