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Welcome! Our goal in building this online data repository using flexible Internet infrastructure is to facilitate locating, integrating, analyzing and plotting various types of geophysical data to enhance arctic research. You can use this portal to produce maps and images from data located at widely distributed online archives, to download raw data you can process in your office, or to disseminate your data to the broader arctic community.

What is in a name ?

The residents of Alaska's Native communities have a long history of helping scientists collect data, including data that are contained in this archive. To acknowledge their efforts, we have named this archive after Aagruuk, the "Morning Star" of the Inupiat people. Aagruuk is a double star that rises above the horizon each December signaling the end of the long winter night. Similarly, we hope that "AAGRUUK" helps to shed some light on your arctic research.

How to navigate and what are the archive sections ?

Jump in and start exploring! First time users might want to explore the educational section first while, more experienced users can explore the scientific section. Feel free to send feedback to us if you encounter problems or have some suggestions to improve the site.

The "Science Users" section is for those interested in exploring and downloading geophysical data collected in the Arctic Ocean.

The "Education Users" section of this archive allow the casual user to explore maps, photos, and information about the Arctic Ocean.

How do you contribute data ?

This archive is always looking for more data of the arctic oceans. If you think you have a dataset we might be interested in please contact us by sending an email to us.

Current contributors to this site.

As scientist contribute data to this archive we will reference their generosity by including their names/institutions/contact information here.

How do you reference data used from this site.

Our policy on referencing data taken from this site can be found here.

Note: This archive is currently under construction check back oftern as we add new material. PDJ (7/16/06)

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