SOEST World Series of Poker

27th Annual SOEST World Series of Poker Synopsis

Photo of poker players.

Photo of winner. Click on the above image to see a larger version.

The 28th Annual SOEST World Series of Poker will be 10/11/08 @ my place, please save this date. The prelims will be 1:00-5:00, note earlier time, with the potluck dinner starting @ 5:00 & the finals after dinner. This list is kluged together & undoubtedly contains errors & gaps, please forward to all the SOEST people you think might be interested.

For those wondering how it happened that I’m hosting, here's a synopsis of last year’s tournament. A record was almost set the 1st hand of my prelim table, when John Sinton & I, playing guts, each drew 3 & then started raising & reraising. When the smoke cleared his trip Q’s lost to my full house, & he went out a couple of hands later in modern ($25 buy-in) record time, 16 min. On the last hand @ this table I knocked out both other remaining players, Brian Taylor & Steve Austin, to win all the $ @ the prelim table. Steve had Brian outchipped & so was awarded the coveted seat @ the Final Table, joining Fred Duennebier, Chip McCreery, Jim Potemra, James Foster & me. This was a tough table including 3 other previous winners, Fred, Chip, & Jim, & both James & Steve had made several recent final tables (NB: James has since won twice). I knocked out Jim in LBO, with a pair beating his 2 bluffing pairs, & Fred crippled both Chip & James in a huge hold-em pot, so they were next out, & Fred was way ahead. Fortunately Steve doubled up thru Fred just before I eliminated him, so Fred & I started heads-up play almost exactly even, & history was going to be made, because 1 of us was going to finish 2nd for the 1st time after 11 wins between us. Fred went way out in front again using his normal technique of “skill”, but I came back by using the deceptively simple technique of being dealt good cards (thanks Chip!) & winning every time I was all-in. Eventually, holding a big pair of pocket 2’s playing hold-em, I lured Fred into a huge final pot & won this last coin flip. Fred (or as I like to call him, Mr. 2nd Place) was gracious in defeat, & he & Terri were gracious hosts, but not gracious enough to go along with the popular opinion that they should host it every year, so Donna & I will be hosting this year, & hope to see you there.


36th Annual SOEST World Series of Poker Synopsis

photo of poker players

Here‘s another photo from last year — looks like it‘s down to the final 3, Brian, Chip & Dylan (me), they've gotten rid of the white chips, the ante is $2 so they're in the 3rd hour of play, Dylan‘s had his shower & is reaching for raising chips.

This is the synopsis from the 36th Annual SOEST World Series of Poker @ my place in 2015.

From the 3 randomly-drawn qualifying tables, 1 of which managed to include all of the administrators, 6 players made it to the Final table, Brian, Fred, Chip, Mebs, a new player Benedetto, & me, helped by my (then) 9 yr old son Dylan who played the Texas hold-em hands for me while I helped Donna host. The others @ the Final table graciously allowed Dylan to keep playing hold-em hands for me (while I took the traditional proud father photos), probably assuming they were gaining an advantage. However, before he went to bed Dylan knocked out Benedetto with a straight over his trips, & then Mebs with a flush over his straight. By the time Donna insisted it was long past Dylan's bedtime & ended his amazing run he had built up a huge chip lead, so after Brian eliminated Fred & I eliminated Chip in 7-stud low, I started heads-up against Brian way ahead.

Brian then completely outplayed me — it turns out Vice Chancellors are difficult to bluff @ the stakes we play — & steam-rolled me for the championship, joining an elite group who have won multiple championships (all but 1 of whom are marine geophysicists or geologists who spent extensive time @ sea).

Brian very generously gave some of his winnings to Dylan to thank him for teaching him how to play hold-em, but kept enough to allow him to host this year, hope to see you there - how often do you get to suspect your Dean is lying & still have a chance to get some of his money?



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