Satellite gravity and tectonic boundaries south of Iceland

Propagation Geometry

Satellite gravity (Sandwell et al., 2014) and tectonic boundaries south of Iceland. White dashes approximate Reykjanes Ridge axis. Heavy black step-like V pattern is our interpreted diachronous transform elimination reorganization boundary, drawn through fracture zone (FZ) terminations and separating younger seafloor without FZs from older seafloor formed by previous orthogonal ridge/transform spreading geometry, dashed near Iceland where uncertain. Light dashed boundaries between the Pendragon and Morganore FZs show the y–ounger reorganization wake that we interpret as the extensions of the E scarps nearer Iceland (also light dashes) formed by the Loki propagator that left Iceland 15Ma (Benediktsdóttir et al., 2012). Bight is the first transform fault remaining south of Iceland, Modred is now a migrating non-transform offset (NTO). Thin black V-shaped lines extending from reorganization boundaries toward the ridge axis are wakes of migrating NTOs. Black dots show pseudofault wake of an independent propagator that terminated FZ-like structures (white dots) south of Bight.


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