Research Themes of the Mineral Physics Laboratory

  • Understanding physics and chemistry of Earth and planetary interiors through direct examination of material properties under high pressure-temperature conditions using a wide spectrum of techniques available in synchrotron and neutron facilities and in-house laboratories
  • Understanding the deep carbon cycle in the Earth’s interior with a focus on carbon in Earth’s core
  • Deep carbon cycle in the Earth's interiors
  • Noval material synthesis at high pressure and high temperature conditions
Recent Lab News
Bin Chen promoted to Researcher
Alan McFall joined the group
Dr. Siheng Wang joins the group
Dr. Meryem Berrada joins the group
Juliana Peckenpaugh joins the group
Keng-Hsien Chao passed his candidacy exam
5M award aids search for a 'recipe' for habitable worlds
Keng-Hsien Chao passed his Comprehensive Exam
Dr. Sulgiye Park visits the lab
Dr. Liu published paper in Minerals