Biogeochemical Stable Isotope Facility

School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology

While we do our best to accommodate various deadlines, no guarantees can be made.† Our turn-around time is dependent upon the type of analysis, the amount preparation required, the performance of various equipment, sample backlog and many, many other variables.† Please inquire directly for a best-guesstimate and allow ample time for analyses to be performed.††

Solid samples intended for carbon and nitrogen analysis need to be dried, homogenized and weighed prior to analysis.† The more of the preparation that is completed prior to submitting your samples, the faster we can get your samples analyzed and the data to you.† Please see the pages of this site dedicated to C/N sample prep for more information.

Please visit our price list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please fill out and email us a sample request form before submitting your samples. You can find our form on our home page.† First we will review your request, then we will arrange for sample shipment or drop-off.†††

How do I submit samples for analysis?

How much will the analyses cost?

How should my C/N solid samples be prepared?

How long will I have to wait once Iíve submitted my samples?

We are able to accept purchase orders and checks, or wire-transfer as methods of payment.† We apologize, but we are not able to accept credit card payments.†

What are my options for payment?

To contact us:

Lab Phone: 808-956-5362

Fax: 808-956-5512

Lab Email: isobiogeo@soest.hawaii.edu


We are able to work closely with S-LAB to allow for a combined sample submission for both nutrient and isotope analysis. Please visit the S-LAB website for more information about their capabilities.†† http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/S-LAB/

Can I also submit samples for nutrient analysis?