B.S. in Earth Sciences — Research Emphasis Track

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B.S. Track Emphasizing Basic Science and Research

This alternate BS track allows for a more flexible course work program that is tailored to the student's individual goals. It requires the student to work with an advisor on a research thesis.

Application to the degree track

To apply for this track, the student must have a minimum combined GPA of 3.0 in 30 credits of the required support courses (see below) plus in GG 170 (or 101, or 102, or 103, or 104, or 106, or 130 and 101L), 200, and 250. The application will consist of a one-page statement of the student's objectives and research interests, presented to a ERTH departmental undergraduate advisor and the proposed faculty thesis adviser. Acceptance into the research track requires the approval of both the faculty adviser and the proposed thesis advisor.

Research Experience

The thesis must be carefully planned and meet departmental requirements. A thesis supervisor and topic should be identified when a student enters the program. The thesis work requires at least 6 (but not more than 9) credit hours of GG 499 Undergraduate Thesis. The thesis research is presented in writing, following the style of a scientific article, and orally in a public seminar. The thesis is evaluated by both the research supervisor and a departmental undergraduate advisor.

Course Requirements

Required ERTH Courses (22 credits) - current alpha is "GG" but this will change to "ERTH" in Fall 2019

Upper Division ERTH Electives (25 credits)

Required Support Courses (28 credits)

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