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    Until this week, things had been generally quiet at Loihi after the seismic and erruptive event of last Summer (1996). Following that activity, seismicity returned to normal (in the Fall of 1996).
    More recently, a manned-submersible exploration program during August and September of 1997 observed the glistening water of high temperature hydrothermal fluids issuing from vents within the newly-formed (1996) Pele's Pit and measured water temperatures of up to 200 C. Also observed were high temperature hydrothermal mineral deposits (similiar to those observed on Mid-Ocean Ridge volcanoes) that were unlike lower temperature materials found previously at Loihi and wide-spread deposits of young-appearing volcanic sand on the summit.
    This week, during the initial deployment of HUGO (Hawaii Undersee Geo Observatory) a hydrophone on the Loihi summit recorded noises that could be interpreted as eruption-related. This data is preliminary and until it and other data can be analyzed more thoroughly, we are reluctant to make a definite statement regarding the cause of the noises. Some further details are given below.


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