Some Videos from Loihi Volcano Research Expeditions

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Loihi Intro and Overview

  • Overview of late 1990s HURL dives in Pele's Pit (YouTube video uploaded in 2008) Loihi overview video image

    Loihi "Jet Vents" in Pele's Pit:

  • 1996 (YouTube video uploaded in 2008) 1996 Jet Vents
  • 1997 (YouTube video uploaded in 2008) 1997 Jet Vents
  • 1998 (YouTube video uploaded in 2008) 1998 Jet Vents

    Loihi FEMO videos: These videos uploaded in 2013 and 2014 by UH Prof. Brian Glazer.

    Please turn your system volume down before viewing as the volume track on these videos has not been scruubbed of ROV system noise

  • Fe Beehives Fe beehives
  • FEMO Deep FEMO Deep
  • FEMO Deep nanoSTIK FEMO Deep E-chem measurments
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