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Some example projects from some of our members

The Thermal Budget of the 1990-1992 Waha'ula Lava Tube, L. Keszthelyi
RADAR and SONAR: A Primer for the Geophysically-Challenged, M. MacKay & S. Zisk
Volcanology and the Information Super Highway, P. Mouginis-Mark
The New Natural Sciences Building at Windward Community College, F. McCoy
My Experience at the CSAV Summer Course, S. Giammanco
Volumetric Constraints on Transport of Granitic Magma through the Crust, M. L. Sykes
The Fiber Optic Communication Undersea System (FOCUS), R. Wilkins
A Teachers' Guide to Hawaiian Volcanoes, Stephen Mattox
Active Volcanoes & Associated Hazards of Goma, Zaire, J.Lockwood & T.Casadevall
Recent SIR-C Images of Volcanoes, (processed by Peter Mouginis-Mark)


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