NEWS (6/01/2020): A new PhD position is available to work on the 2018 eruption at Kilauea. Check here.







Work positions

Current position

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Hawaii (USA), 2018-present

B.A., Earth Sciences, Universite Montpellier II and Universite Blaise-Pascal (France), 2000-2003
M.S., Natural Hazards (Specialization: volcanic hazards), Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona, 2004-2005
M.S., Earth Sciences (Specialization: volcanology magmatology), Universite Blaise Pascal, 2005-2006
PhD., Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawaii (USA), 2007-2010

Review work

Peer-reviews for international journals
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Curriculum vitae

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