Bridget Smith-Konter

Courses Taught

Crustal Deformation Monitoring and Modeling

GG 711

Principles of Earth Science II

GEOL 1312 (UTEP)

Computer Applications in the Geosciences
GEOL 4315 (UTEP)

Introduction to GIS
GEOL 4385 (UTEP)

Frontiers in Plate Boundary Deformation
SIO 239 (UCSD)

Earthquakes In Action
(COSMOS, HS Enrichment Course)

Education & Outreach Activities

~ Earthquake Teaching Modules

~ COSMOS Earthquakes in Action presentation

~ COSMOS Earthquakes in Action High School Student Visualization Scenes:

~ San Andreas Visualization Scenes:

San Andreas: Earthquake Machine (Quicktime  Movie, 1.15 Gb)

~ SIO Earthquake Education Workshop (with USGS & SCEC)

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