GG711 - Trace elements and isotopes


Class content

* Class based on published work
* Discussion sessions once per week
* Different student leads each week
* Final project: write short research proposal for trace element/isotope project
 tips to get funded
 advice from NSF
 small proposal example, written for a non-specialist review

Schedule (articles on dropbox)

Jan. 14 Organizational Meeting

Jan. 21 Elements and the solar system

Truran and Heger; 1.01 Origin of the Elements; Treatise on Geochemistry
Palme and Jones; 1.03 Solar System Abundances of the Elements; Treatise on Geochemistry
Burnett; The Genesis solar wind sample return mission: Past, present, and future; Meteoritics and Planetary Science

Jan. 28 Meteorites

Krot et al.; 1.05 Classification of Meteorites; Treatise on Geochemistry

Feb. 4 Condensation and planetary formation

Albarede; Volatile accretion history of the terrestrial planets and dynamic implications; Nature
McDonough; The Composition of the Earth (Chapter 1)

Feb. 11 Early Earth

Halliday; 1.20 The Origin and Earliest History of the Earth; Treatise on Geochemistry
Yin et al; A short timescale for terrestrial planet formation from Hf-W chronometry of meteorites; Nature

Feb 18 142Nd and a chondritic Earth?

Boyet and Carlson; 142nd Evidence for Early (>4.53 Ga) Global Differentiation of the Silicate Earth
Carlson and Boyet; Short-lived radionuclides as monitors of early crust-mantle differentiation on the terrestrial planets; Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Caro et al; Super-chondritic Sm/Nd ratios in Mars, the Earth and the Moon; Nature

Feb. 25 Core

Background article: Brandon et al; 186Os-187Os systematics of Hawaiian picrites; Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Humayun et al; Geochemical Evidence for Excess Iron in the Mantle Beneath Hawaii; Science
Ireland et al; 186Os-187Os systematics of Hawaiian picrites revisited: New insights into Os isotopic variations in ocean island basalts; Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Schersten et al; Tungsten isotope evidence that mantle plumes contain no contribution from the Earth's core; Nature

Mar. 4 Mantle 1

Hofmann; 2.03 Sampling Mantle Heterogeneity through Oceanic Basalts: Isotopes and Trace Elements; Treatise on Geochemistry

Mar. 11 Mantle 2

Weis et al; Role of the deep mantle in generating the compositional asymmetry of the Hawaiian mantle plume; Nature Geoscience
Torsvik et al; Large igneous provinces generated from the margins of the large low-velocity provinces in the deep mantle; Geophysical Journal International

Mar. 18 Mantle 3

Hanan et al; Pb and Hf isotope variations along the Southeast Indian Ridge and the dynamic distribution of MORB source domains in the upper mantle; Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Kelley et al; Composition of plume-influenced mid-ocean ridge lavas and glasses from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, East Pacific Rise, Galapagos Spreading Center, and Gulf of Aden; G-3

Mar. 25 Spring Break (no class)

Apr. 1 Arcs

Background article: Stern; the anatomy and ontogeny of modern intra-oceanic arc systems; Geological Society of London, Special Publication
Kelemen; Genesis of high Mg# andesites and the continental crust
Stern et al; How the Mariana Volcanic Arc ends in the south; Island Arc

Apr. 8 Zircons and early Earth

Harrison et al.; Heterogeneous Hadean Hafnium; Evidence of Continental Crust; Science
Nebel et al.; The role of detrital zircons in Hadean crustal research; Lithos

Apr. 15 Greenstones

Furnes et al.; Precambrian Greenstone Belts Host Different Ophiolite Types, in Evolution of Archean Crust and Early Life, eds. Dilek and Furnes; Springer
O'Neil et al.; Neodymium-142 Evidence for Hadean Mafic Crust; Science

Apr. 22 Noble gases

Trieloff et al.; The Nature of Pristine Noble Gases in Mantle Plumes; Science
Graham et al'; Upper-mantle dynamics revealed by helium isotope variations along the southeast Indian ridge; Nature
Mukhopadhyay; Early differentiation and volatile accretion recorded in deep-mantle neon and xenon; Nature

Apr. 29 Ni and other trace elements

Herzberg et al.; Nickel and helium evidence for melt above the core-mantle boundary; Nature
Herzberg; Archean Drips; Nature Geoscience
Ruprecht and Plank; Feeding andesitic eruptions with a high-speed connection from the mantle; Nature

May 6 Oxybarometers and thermometers



Images from Hofmann and Dickin