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1 18-Jan Introduction & Earth structure  
  No lab week 1  
2 23-Jan Earth structure continued & Classification 1  
  25-Jan Textures in igneous rocks Jose Napoles
  Lab: Common igneous minerals & microscopes  
3 30-Jan Magma properties Jacque Engel
  1-Feb Field relations Richard Alfaro
  Lab: Common igneous minerals continued  
4 6-Feb Phase diagrams 1 Yvette Pereyra
  8-Feb Phase diagrams 2 Brandon Smith
  Lab: Field trip Transmountain road  
5 13-Feb Phase diagrams 3 Alan Espino
  15-Feb Major Elements Alejandro Rios
  Lab: Transmountain thin sections  
6 20-Feb Review  
  22-Feb Midterm 1  
  Lab: Suswa  
7 27-Feb Trace elements  
  29-Feb Isotopes Alfredo Rojo
  Lab: Geochemistry lab (Georoc/PETDB)  
8 5-Mar Magma generation Francisco Torres
  7-Mar Magma diversification 1 Jose Navarro
  Lab: Juan de Fuca (MOR)  
9 12-Mar Spring Break  
  14-Mar Spring Break  
10 19-Mar Magma diversification 2 Sergio Macias
  21-Mar Volcanic rocks & tectonic setting  
Lab: Fractionation and crystallization  
11 26-Mar Catch-up/Rocks&Settings continued
Edgar Moriel
  28-Mar Review  
Lab: Samoa/Microprobe lab -- pending new technician  
12 2-Apr Midterm 2  
  4-Apr Metamorpic rocks intro  
  Lab: Common metamorphic minerals  
13 9-Apr Metamorpic rocks continued Lorraine Negron
  11-Apr Classification 2 & facies Armando Reyes
  Lab: Common metamorphic minerals  
14 16-Apr Thermodynamics Guillermo Vargas
  18-Apr Metamorphic structures & textures  Curtis Kock
  Lab: Interpreting Microprobe data (Transmountain)  
15 23-Apr Metamorphic structures & textures 2 Jacki McClintock-Boylan
  25-Apr Metamorphic assemblages  
  Lab: Interpreting Microprobe data (own) + thermobarometry  
16 30-Apr Metamorphic reactions Ziwu Felix
  2-May Review  
  Lab: Interpreting Microprobe data + catch-up  
17 7-May FINAL Monday May 7th 10am - 12.45pm