Henrietta Dulai
Current and past students and senior personnel
Upated: April 2016

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Olkeba Tolessa Leta, Heeia, Oahu and Tutuila, American Samoa water budgets, he is a watershed modeler (primary advisor Dr. Aly El-kadi)

Dr. Jan Kamenik, Fukushima-derived cesium studies and development of a coastal SGD monitor, 2011-2013, currently researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences

Graduate Students

Hannah Azouz, M.S., biofuel and water quality

Trista McKenzie, M.S., groundwater contribution to streams and the coastal system

Catherine Hudson, M.S., SGD, its sources and long-term patterns in Kona

Christina M. Richardson, M.S. 2016, SGD and related septic-N and carbonate chemistry in Maunalua Bay, Oahu, HI, now PhD candidate at UCSD

Chris Shuler, M.S. 2016, now PhD candidate (primary advisor Dr. Aly El-kadi), hydrogeology and water quality in American Samoa

Christine A. Waters, M.S. 2014, SGD in Kona, Hawaii, HI

Camille Vautier, M.S. 2016 tidal pumping and related geochemistry in Maunalua and Kaneohe Bays, Oahu, HI, visiting student from École Normale Supérieure in Lyon in spring 2016

Kamila Stastna, Fukushima-derived cesium studies, visiting student from the Czech Technical University in 2011-2012

Undergraduate Students

Elizabeth Dionne, B.S. in GES, Carbon fluxes in the Everglades

Eric Welch, B.S. in GES, Pesticide and nutrient pollution in American Samoa

Trista McKenzie, B.S. in GG 2016, Fukushima-derived atmospheric fallout on Oahu and Hawaii, will continue as graduate student at UH GG

Hannah Azouz, B.S. in GG 2016, Fukushima-derived cesium in Pacific fish

Raymond Moore, B.S. in GG 2016, SGD Sniffer - autonomous radon monitoring application in a coastal pond

Alana Kleven, B.S. in GES in 2014, SGD in Heeia fishpond, Oahu, HI, currently graduate student at UC

Kim Mayfield, B.S. in GES in 2013, studied SGD in Kahana Bay, HI, currently graduate student at UCSC

Joseph Kennedy, B.S. in GES in 2011, M.S. in 2016 (primary advisor C. R. Glenn)

Curriculum Vitae