GG 309/W Syllabus

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy • Spring, 2007

Lecture: TR 10:30 – 11:45 am (POST 703)
Lab: W 1:30 – 4:20 pm (POST 703)

Instructor: Dr. Craig Glenn
POST 720A; 956-2200; Office Hours after class or by appt.

Teaching Assistant: Francois Paquay
POST 734, 956-3728,; Office Hours by appt.

Required Texts:

  1. Boggs, Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy. 2006, 4th Edition (2001, 3nd Edition is acceptable)
  2. Bates & Jackson, Dictionary of Geological Terms (Paperback, any edition is acceptable **)
  3. Strunk & White, The Elements of Style (Paperback, any edition is acceptable *)

Required Supplies:

Course Grade

3 Midterms + Quizzes 60%, Labs 25%, Term Paper 10%, Class Participation 5+%

NOTE: This course is designated as Writing Intensive. UHM requires that students must complete all writing assignments to pass the course with a D or better; students who do not complete all writing assignments will fail the course.

Download this syllabus as a PDF.


Part I: Principles of Stratigraphy • Part II: Sedimentary Environments and Processes • Part III: Rocks Can Talk!



Readings in
Boggs, 4th Edition
(3ed Ed. in parentheses when different)

Part I: Principles of Stratigraphy


9 (Tue)

Introduction, discussion of course. Quiz.

p.xvi-xix, 513-520 (3ed Ed.  p. xvi-xviii, 581-590)

10 (Wed)

Lab: Microscope Assignments & Term Paper Discussion

11 (Thu)

Stratigraphy Overview; Lithostratigraphy

Ch. 15 & 12 (3ed Ed.18 & 13)

16 (Tue)

Lithostratigraphy / Biostratigraphy (Time Scale Quiz)

Ch. 14 (3ed Ed. 17)

17 (Wed)

Lab: Exercise in Physical Stratigraphy & Correlation

18 (Thu)

Magnetostratigraphy//Sr. Isotopes/Oxygen Isotope Stratigraphy

Ch. 13, 15.4 (3ed Ed. 16, 18.5)

23 (Tue)

Oxygen Isotopes/Milankovitch Cycles/Seq. Strat.

Ch. 12.4, 15.4  (3ed Ed.  13.4, p. 607-617

24 (Wed)

Lab: Exercise in Physical Stratigraphy & Correlation Continued

25 (Thu)

Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy (Film)

CRG Handout.  Scan Ch. 13 (3ed Ed.  Scan Ch. 14 & 15)

30 (Tue)

Sequence Stratigraphy (in-class Practicum)

As above and Handout


31 (Wed)

Lab: Dr. Johanna Resig - Biostratigraphy Practicum

Ch. 14 (3ed Ed.17)


01 (Thu)

Review for Midterm – Come with questions!
Due: Approved Paper Topic & 5 References w/1 Paragraph Summaries of Each

06 (Tue)

The Various Elements of Stratigraphy

07 (Wed)

Lab:Student Presentations of Their Paper Topics, 10 Min. Each

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Part II: Sedimentary Environments and Processes

08 (Thu)

Weathering Reactions and Soils

Ch. 1

13 (Tue)

Sedimentary Textures

Ch. 2 & 3

14 (Wed)

Lab: Sedimentary Textures

Ch. 2 & 3

15 (Thu)

Particle Transport and Bedforms
Due: 15 References w/ Summaries of Each

Ch. 2 & 4

20 (Tue)

Primary Sedimentary Structures
Due: Paper Outline w/Embedded Citations and Complete References Cited

Ch. 4

21 (Wed)

Lab: Sedimentary Structures

22 (Thu)

Primary Sedimentary Structures

Ch. 4

27 (Tue)

Alluvial and Fluvial Environments

p. 241-257 (3ed Ed. p. 267-284)

28 (Wed)

Lab: Sedimentary Structures (Cont’d)


01 (Thu)

Marginal Marine Environments
Due: Paper Introduction w/Citations with All References Cited

Ch. 9 (3ed Ed. Ch. 10)

06 (Tue)

Shelf Environments

Ch. 10 (3ed Ed. Ch. 11)

07 (Wed)

Lab: Siliciclastic Shelves Exercise

08 (Thu)

Shelf/Deep Marine Environments

As above, Handouts

13 (Tue)

Deep Marine Environments

As Above, Handouts

14 (Wed)

Lab: Siliciclastic Shelves Exercise (Cont’d)

15 (Thu)

Deep Marine Environments (Deep Sea Fan Film)
Due: Paper Discussion with its Complete References

20 (Tue)

Midterm Review: Come with questions!

21 (Wed)


22 (Thu)

Introduction to Siliciclastic Rocks/ Ss Provenance Studies

Ch. 5

26 – 30

Spring Break (GG 305 Mainland Field Trip departs 3/22 evening, returns 4/2)

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Part III: Rocks Can Talk!


03 (Tue)

SS Prov. Rev., Qtz Arenties, Arkoses, Litharenites

Ch. 5

04 (Wed)

Lab: Siliciclastics Lab 1

05 (Thu)

Graywackes and Siliciclastic Diagenesis

Ch. 5

06 (Fri)

Due:Complete Paper with Tables, Figs., Refs  Due for External Review

10 (Tue)

Carbonate Minerals & Carbonate Rock Classifications

Ch. 6

11 (Wed)

Lab: Carbonate Lab 1

12 (Thu)

Carbonate Environments and Communities

Ch. 11 (Ch. 12)

13 (Fri)

Due: Paper Returned from External review to Author for Final Revisions

17 (Tue)

Carbonates: Arid vs. Humid

18 (Wed)

Lab: Carbonate Field Trip to Barbers Point

19 (Thu)

Carbonate Diagenesis

Ch. 6.8 (6.9), Handouts

24 (Tue)


Ch. 6

25 (Wed)

Lab: Sed Rock Synthesis Exercise

26 (Thu)


Ch. 6 / 7

27 (Fri)

Due:Revised Final Paper in Electronic Format


01 (Tue)

When Evaporite Giants Ruled

Ch. 7

02 (Wed)

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Phosphorites Feed the Earth, Notions of Stinking Oceans & Stinky Muds, Stinky Skies

10 (Thu)

MIDTERM EXAMINATION 3:  9:45 – 11:45 am

Photo of Craig in CA desert.

Ancient “potholes“ carved in basaltic lava flows mark the path of a Pleistocene waterfall in what is now dry California desert (Owens Valley). (Click on the picture to see a larger version.)

Download this syllabus as a PDF.

Supplemental Online Resources

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