Haleakala from offshore Publications & Resources

See below for a list of selected publications, with links to PDFs and supplemental material.

Note: This page is in the early stages of construction. Please check back for additional material and datasets, or contact me with specific requests.


Selected Papers & Supplemental Material

Dunn, RA, R Arai, DE Eason, JP Canales, RA Sohn (2017) Three-Dimensional seismic structure of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: An investigation of tectonic, magmatic and hydrothermal processes in the Rainbow area. J. Geophys. Res. 122, doi:10.1002/2017JB015051      paper   |   supplemental material  

Sinton, JM, DE Eason, RA Duncan (2017) Volcanic evolution of Moloka‘i, Hawai‘i: Implications for the shield to postshield transition in Hawaiian volcanoes. J. Volcanol. & Geotherm. Res., doi:10.1016/j.volgeores.2017.04.011    paper  

Purser, A and multiple authors (2016) Association of deep-sea incirrate octopods with manganese crusts and nodule fields in the Pacific Ocean. Current Biology 26, doi:10.1016/j.cub.2016.10.052      paper   |   supplemental material  

Eason, DE, RA Dunn, JP Canales, R Sohn (2016) Segment-scale variations in seafloor volcanic and tectonic processes from multibeam sonar imaging, Mid-Atlantic Ridge Rainbow region (35°45'-26°35'N). Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst. 17, doi:10.1002/2016GC006433      paper   |   supplemental material     |   link to dataset

Hey, R, and multiple authors (2016) Multibeam investigation of the active North Atlantic plate boundary reorganization tip. Earth & Planet. Sci. Letts. 435: 115-123      paper   |   cruise website  

Eason, DE, and RA Dunn (2015) Petrogenesis and structure of oceanic crust in the Lau back-arc basin. Earth & Planet. Sci. Letts. 429: 128-138.      paper   |   supplemental material

Eason, DE, JM Sinton, K Grönvold, MD Kurz (2015) Effects of deglaciation on the petrology and eruptive history of the Western Volcanic Zone, Iceland. Bull. Volc. doi:10.1007/s00445-015-0916-0.      paper   |   supplemental material

Sinton, JM, DE Eason, M Tardona, D Pyle, I van der Zander, H Guillou, A Flinders, DA Clague, JJ Mahoney (2014) Ka‘ena Volcano — a precursor volcano of the island of O‘ahu, Hawai‘i. GSA Bulletin      paper   |   supplemental material   |   link to dataset

Colman, A, and multiple authors (2012) Effects of variable magma supply on mid-ocean ridge eruptions: Constraints from mapped lava flow fields along the Galápagos Spreading Center. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst. doi:10.1029/2012GC004163.      paper   |  cruise website  

Eason, DE and JM Sinton (2009) Lava shields and fissure eruptions of the Western Volcanic Zone, Iceland: Evidence for magma chambers and crustal interaction. J. Volcanol. & Geotherm. Res. 186: 331-348.      paper   |   supplemental material

Eason, DE and JM Sinton (2006) Origin of high-Al N-MORB by fractional crystallization in the upper mantle beneath the Galápagos Spreading Center. Earth & Planet. Sci. Letts. 252: 423-436.      paper  


Miscellaneous Datasets & Publications

KM1710 Cruise Report: REU Cruise on the R/V Kilo Moana, Pa‘uwela Ridge (2017)    cruise report   |  underway data

Sinton, JM, and DE Eason (2016) Major and trace element analyses of volcanic rocks from Ka‘ena Ridge, Oahu, Hawaii. Integrated Data Applications (IEDA). doi:10.1594/IEDA/100615.     link to dataset

Dunn, RA, DE Eason, JP Canales, and RA Sohn (2016) Seafloor reflectivity of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Rainbow region (3545'-3635'N). Integrated Earth Data Applications (IEDA). doi:10.1594/IEDA/323563.     link to dataset


Popular Press

Ka‘ena Volcano — Our discovery of a previously unrecognized volcano in Hawai‘i was highlighted in various local and national news outlets, including NBC and Fox news, Scientific American, Huffington Post, Live Science, and others. (Original press release from UH)

Casper Octopod — Data from our Ka‘ena project again made the news when we realized that an adorable octopod we observed during a dive was a previously unidentified species. In combination with other observations and a connection with a deep-sea mining study, the little Casper octopod again made international news, including the BBC, Washington Post, local news, and others. (UH press release)

Galápagos Research Expedition — Our month-long seagoing research expedition to the Galápagos Spreading Center made local news for both the underwater research we were doing and our Teacher at Sea outreach program.


Additional Resources

IkeWai‘Ike Wai — The ‘Ike Wai (water knowledge) project is a multidisciplinary initiative to address grand challenges in water resources and sustainability in the State of Hawai‘i.


NAR cruiseReykjanes Ridge Reorganization 2013 (cruise website) — Cruise website following our international team of researchers aboard the R/V Langseth, studying the southern portion of the Reykjanes Ridge.


HURLHawai‘i Undersea Research Laboratory (HURL) — NOAA's undersea research center for Hawai‘i and the Western Pacific, established in cooperation with the University of Hawai‘i. HURL operates a collection of manned and remotely-operated submersibles for deep sea science research.


EarthCubeEarthCube — EarthCube is a large-scale effort led by the National Science Foundation to develop a community-driven data and knowledge management system for the geosciences, with the goal of transforming how we conduct research in this data-intensive world.