Trip to Korea. Aly El-Kadi was invited to represent the UH's Water Resources Research Center in the 2006 Jeju-Hawaii Water Forum, July 21-22, 2006. This was the second forum in a series that emphasizes the hydrological similarities between Oahu and Jeju islands and fosters exchange of information between researchers on both sides. The meeting was strongly supported by the local Jeju government. Dr. El-Kadi presented a talk titled “The History of Groundwater Management and Research in Hawaii.” He was also interviewed by alocal television station. The paper, which he co-authored with Dr. James Moncur, appeared in the forum’s proceedings, in both English and Korean. Other presentations from the Hawaii delegate included: “Formation of the Hawaiian Islands: Influence on Hydrogeology and Groundwater Occurrence in Hawaii” (Kevin T. Johnson, Geology and Geophysics; UH); “State of Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management” (Peter T. Young, DNLR); and “Island History of Water Management in Honolulu” (Chester Lao, Honolulu Board of Water Supply).   

Main delegates to the meeting

Aly's presentation

Visit to a site for groundwater recharge from rain catchment

Visit to a power generation site. Hawaii delegates were, starting second from left: Aly, Peter Young (Hawaii Commission on Water Resources), Kevin Johnson (UH's Geology and Geophysics), and Chetser Lao (Honolulu Board of Water Supply)

Birthday celebration Korean style!