John Sinton's                             Students

Malcolm E. Cox, M.S., 1980.  Ground Radon Surveys for Geothermal Exploration in Hawaii
    Malcolm is Professor of Hydrogeology, Queensland University of Technology

Patricia Fryer, PhD., 1981.  Petrogenesis of Basaltic Rocks from the Mariana Trough
    Patty is Professor, Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, University of Hawai‘i (web page)

David E. Diller, M.S., 1982. Contributions to the Geology of West Maui Volcano, Hawai‘i
    Dave is Product Manager for geophysical data processing company Landmark Halliburton

Kevin T. M. Johnson, M.S., 1983.  The Petrology and Tectonic Evolution of Seamounts and Banks of the Northern Melanesian Borderland, Southwest Pacific
    Kevin is Researcher with the Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawai‘i  (web page)

David Mark Christie, PhD., 1984. Petrologic Effects of Mid-Oceanic Rift Propagation: the Galápagos Spreading Center at 95.5°W
    Dave is recently retired from Director, Alaska Sea Grant College Program, and West Coast & Polar Regions Undersear Research Center at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Elizabeth Anne Zbinden, M.S., 1984. Structure and Petrology of the Dike Swarm of Wai‘anae Volcano
    Elizabeth is a consultant for the gold mining industry in Reno, Nevada

E. Cheney Snow Milholland, M.S., 1985. Compositional Variations of Coexisting Phases during Upper Mantle Melting: Experimental Partial Melting of Garnet Lherzolite at 12 and 20 Kilobars
    Cheney works for Micron in Boise, Idaho

Robert D. Yonover, Ph.D, 1989. Petrological Effects of Rift Failure at the Galápagos Spreading Center near 95.5°W, Including Analyses of Glass Inclusions by Laser Mass Spectrometry and Ion Microprobe
    Rob is CEO and founder of SEE/RESCUE Corporation

Lori Ann Sui Mee (Liu) Ford, M.S., 1989.  Geochemistry and Petrology of Lavas from the Manus Basin Extensional Transform Zone and Manus Spreading Center: Implications for Source Compositions and Metasomatic Processes in Back-Arc Basins

Malcolm S. Pringle, Jr., Ph.D., 1992.  Geochronology and Petrology of the Musicians Seamounts, and the Search for Hot Spot Volcanism in the Cretaceous Pacific
    Malcolm is a Researcher with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences  (web page)

Todd K. Presley, M.S., 1994.  Late Postshield Volclanism on Wai‘anae Volcano, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i
    Todd is a geologist with the USGS Pacific Islands Water Science Center in Honolulu

Iris van der Zander, Diplomarbeit, RWTH Aachen, 1996.  Petrological and Geochemical Investigations of Silicic Rocks in Wai‘anae Volcano, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i including the Mauna Kūwale Rhyodacite
    Iris is a geologist with Environmental Science International, Kailua, HI

Eric C. Bergmanis, M.S., 1998.  Rejuvenated Volcanism along the Southwest Rift Zone, East Maui: Eruptive History of the Hāna Volcanics

Buffy Jolene Cushman, M.S., 2003.  Plume-Ridge Interaction along the Galápagos Spreading Center, 90°30' to 98°W: A Hydrous Melting Model to Explain Variations in Observed Glass Compositions
    Buffy if the founder and Head of School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability [SEEQS]

Sara J. (Wilson) Welna, B.S., 2004.  Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Troctolitic Inclusions of the Southern East Pacific Rise, 18°08.29' to 18°17.18'S
     Sara is a geologist with Kraemer Mining and Minerals in Minnesota and president-elect of the Association of Women Geoscientists

Melissa Dawn Rotella, M.S., 2008.  Magmatic Processes at the Galápagos 93.25°W Overlapping Spreading Center
    Melissa currently is a post-doc at the University of Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand

Deborah Elaine Eason, PhD., 2009.  Magmatic Processes at Mid-Ocean Ridges: Evidence for High-Pressure Crystallization and Crustal Assimilation
Deb is a post-doc in the Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawai‘i

Alice Lee Colman, PhD., 2014.   Effects of Variable Magma Supply on Magma Reservoirs and Eruption Characteristics along the Galápagos Spreading Center