Geological field trips to a neighbor island are the best way to spend a weekend.  These trips always combine students from multiple classes, as well as faculty, graduate students, post-docs, and assorted visitors.

lauea: this is the classic GG field trip, and it has been run almost every semester since the 1980s.

Kaua‘i: here is our chance to see what an old and somewhat inegmatic Hawaiian volcano looks like.


Fall 2005 (with GG103)



Fall 2006 (with GG103)

Fall 2014 (with GG103)


Fall 2007 (with GG104)

Fall 2015 (with GG104)


Fall 2008 (with GG103)



Fall 2009 (with GG104)

Fall 2017 (with GG104)


Spring 2010 (with GG130)



Fall 2010 (with GG103)



Fall 2011 (with GG104)



Spring 2012 (with GG130)



Fall 2013 (with GG104)



Spring 2017



Fall 2017 (with GG104)



Spring 2018



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