(where you learn how to learn how the Earth works)

GG101L gives students hands-on experience with the tools, materials, and subjects of modern-day geological and geophysical work.  We use simple tools such as hand lenses and maps, and complex tools such as seismometers and flow meters.


As they should be, some of the labs are outdoors.  Click on the following links to see photos from these various activities.

Hydrology in Mānoa Stream


Coastal profiles at Wai‘alae Beach Park

Mānoa landslide

We’ve used various textbooks, but finally settled on a custom edition that contains only the chapters we need


Wa‘ahila GPS exercise

Geologic time scale

Structural geology

O‘ahu field trips 

    Geology is best learned in the field, so we also go to places off campus (SE O‘ahu, Wai‘anae, Lē‘ahi, etc.)

Neighbor Island field trips

    We also go on trips to Kīlauea, Kaua‘i, etc., along with other 100-level courses

Sample Syllabus

TAs do all the hard work – mahalo to: Erin Diurba, Tom Fedenczuk, Andrew Delorey, Darwina Griffin, Sam Hulme, Andrea Stefke, Michaela Conley, Malin Klawonn, Carolina Anchieta, Jacque Kelly, Kelly Mitchell, Asdis Benediksdottir, Thomas Shea, Alice Coleman, Haunani Kane, Lucas Moxey, Mike Chandler, Jared Marske, Eric Bergmanis, Francois Paquay, Adam Johnson, Ashton Flinders, Tiffany Anderson, Lisa Tatsumi, Adrianne Oakley, Rebecca Kraft, Carrie Brugger, Seung-Sep Kim, Regan Austin, Joseph Fackrell, Sam Howell, Lisa Swinnard, Ben Czeck, Emily First, Sarah Glancy, Maria Janebo, Sarah Maher, Jonathan Tree, Kendra Lynn, Olivia Schubert, Elise Rumpf, Jonathan Sleeper, Xiaojing Lai, Jessica Zaiss, Chris Schuler, Shellie Habel, Katie Taladay, Erin Fitch, Hannah Shelton, Sammie Jacob, Val Finlayson, Sam Mitchell, Nicole Robinson, Alexandra Pleus, Kate Herries, Estelle Bonny, Alyssa Anderson, Hannah Azouz, Warren McKenzie, Rebecca DeGraffenried, Daniel Dores, Samantha Isgett, Elizabeth Benyshek, Krista Evans