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TEXT: Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology

                                          by Tarbuck, Lutgens and Tasa

ISBN-10: 0321663047 or ISBN-13: 9780321663047 or You can "rent' the eTextbook for through Coursesmart (

            The primary objective of this course is to learn about the Earth, its origin and evolution, and how human activities affect Earth ecosystems including our own. You will also get an overview of the geology of Hawai`i and local environmental issues. Most of the course will be lecture, reading and videos. You are expected to read the appropriate chapters in the text and to complete an on-line test before class. Time will be set aside at the beginning of each class to answer questions from previous lectures, readings, the test and to present any current geologic events of interest. Please turn off all cell phones during class.

            Grades will be based on on-line quizzes (25%), two mid-term and a final exam (25% each).  All three exams will be approximately one hour long. LATE ON-LINE TESTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


            To receive credit for the Chapter Tests, you must register for the course on An access code for this website came with your textbook or can be purchased separately. You must also register for this class using the class ID cm284806. If you have any questions about please contact the Pearson UH representative Jessica Elbern (



            If a student must miss an exam because of illness, military duty, family crisis, etc. she or he must inform me by phone or E-mail as soon as possible and then provide documentation.

            No make-up will be given for the exams. In lieu of a make-up exam, the average score of all other exams will be used.  If the absence is unexcused, then a grade of zero will be assigned.

            We may be conducting weekend field trips: a one-day field trips on Oahu and a three-day trip to the Big Island.  Participation in at least one of the field trips is strongly encouraged. If the Big Island field trip occurs we would visit Kilauea volcano, the location of current lava flowing into the ocean, and other volcanic features.  We will also run 1-day field trips on Oahu from 9 am to 4 pm and will study the geologic history of places like Diamond Head, Koko Head/Hanauma Bay area, Makapu`u Point, exposures along H-3 freeway and many others.

                                                            LECTURE OUTLINE

WEEK #    DATE                                              TOPIC                                             CHAPTER

     1            08/24                                   Introduction to Geology                                         1

                   08/26                                          Plate Tectonics                                                2 

     2            08/31                                          Plate Tectonics                                                

                   09/02                                      Matter and Minerals                                            3 

     3            09/07                                          Igneous Rocks                                                4

                   09/09                            Volcanoes and Volcanic Hazards                                  5

     4            09/14                                      Weathering and Soil                                            6

                   09/16                                Sedimentary Rocks – Video                                      7

     5            09/21                       Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks                            8

                   09/23                               1st Exam – September 23rd                                                

     6            09/28                                          Geologic Time                                                9

                   09/30                                      Crustal Deformation                                           10

     7            10/05                         Earthquakes and Earthquake Hazards                              11

                   10/07                                          Earth’s Interior                                               12

     8            10/12                                     Divergent Boundaries                                          13

                   10/14                                   Convergent Boundaries                                        14

     9            10/19                                 Mountain Building Video

                   10/21                                          Mass Wasting                                               15        

    10           10/26                                          Running Water                                               16

                   10/28                    Review Sheet for 2nd Exam – October 28th                                                      

    11           11/02                                  Election Day – no class                                          

                   11/04                                          Ground Water                                               17

    12           11/09                                   Glaciers and Glaciation                                        18

                   11/11                                 Veterans Day – no class                                          

    13           11/16                                       Deserts and Winds                                            19            

                   11/18                                             Shorelines                                                  20

    14           11/23                                    Global Climate Change                                         21

                   11/25                                 Thanksgiving – no class                                          

    15           11/30                            Global Climate Change Ruddiman                                            

                   12/02                       Earth’s Evolution through Geologic Time                            22

    16           12/07        Earth and Mineral Resources Mineral Resources (continued)             23        

                   12/09                    Planetary Geology (will not be on Exam 3)                         24


                   12/16   FINAL EXAM – Thursday, December 16th at Noon-2:00 PM

                                                           Review for Exam 3 GG101


SLOs - Student Learning Objectives


G&G undergraduate courses have to consider how they address a number of SLOs, which the G&G Department has decided are key attributes and/or abilities of any G&G student.  They are (in no particular order):


1. Students can explain the relevance of geology and geophysics to human needs, including those appropriate to Hawaii, and be able to discuss issues related to geology and its impact on society and planet Earth.

2. Students can apply technical knowledge of relevant computer applications, laboratory methods, and field methods to solve real-world problems in geology and geophysics.

3. Students use the scientific method to define, critically analyze, and solve a problem in earth science.

4. Students can reconstruct, clearly and ethically, geological knowledge in both oral presentations and written reports.

5. Students can evaluate, interpret, and summarize the basic principles of geology and geophysics, including the fundamental tenets of the sub-disciplines, and their context in relationship to other core sciences, to explain complex phenomena in geology and geophysics.


Disability Access:

If you have a disability and related access needs the Department will make every effort to assist and support you.  For confidential services students are encouraged to contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (known as “Kokua”) located on the ground floor (Room 013) of the Queen Lili'uokalani Center for Student Services:


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