Quizapu camp About Us

We are a group of PI's, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates using analytical and experimental determinations of phase equilibria and reaction kinetics in magmatic systems to pursue relationships between magma storage, transport, physical properties and eruption style.




Current group members

Photo of Julia Hammer

Julia Hammer


Tom Shea

Assistant Researcher

Benoit Welsch

Postdoctoral Researcher

Emily First

PhD student

Photo of Diamond Tachera

Diamond Tachera


New and Noteworthy:

Emily has been nominated for the 2016 Toby Lee award from the ARCS Foundation Honolulu Chapter!

Diamond has been accepted in the graduate program at her top choice school, University of Hawaii! She will be working with Nicole Lautze, solving problems in groundwater geochemistry.


Lab Alumni


Samantha Jacob

former undergraduate

Photo of Hidemi Ishibashi

Hidemi Ishibashi

former visiting postdoc,
now faculty at Shizuoka University

Photo of Carrie Brugger

Carrie Brugger

former PhD student,
now Lecturer at Northern
Arizona University

Photo of Lisa Petrochilos

Lisa Petrochilos

former MSc student,
now Petrophysicist at Schlumberger

Photo of Owen Neill

Owen Neill

former MSc student,
now Research Assoc/EPMA and XRD Lab Mgr. at Washington State Univ.

Photo of Julie Bowles

Julie Bowles

former postdoc,
Now Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Photo of Patrick Shamberger

Patrick Shamberger

former MSc student,
Now Assistant Professor, Texas A&M Dept. Materials Science and Engineering

Gabriele Lanzafame

former visitor from University of Catania

David Trang

former PhD student (advisor: Jeff Gillis-Davis). Now postdoc in HIGP

Photo of Tanis Leonhardi

Tanis Leonhardi

former undergraduate, Now PhD student at Berkeley

Interested in joining us?

Prospective students and postdocs are encouraged to contact Julia Hammer via email prior to submitting an application.


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