Mittlestaedt Thermal Ridge Jumps

Eric Mittelstaedt(Ph.D. 2008). "Plume-Ridge Interaction: Shaping the Geometry of Mid-Ocean Ridges". Eric's dissertation explored the mechanisms of how hotspots can "capture" near-by mid-ocean ridges as documented at many locations of hotspot-ridge itneraction. The above figure shows the temporal evolution of temperature (colors) and surface plate speed (profiles: negative is to the left, positive is right) in 2-D cross-section of a ridge (X=0) interacting with a hotspot. The magma from the hotspot is heating and thinning the lithosphere and eventually causes the ridge to jump to the hotspot.

See:Mittelstaedt, E., G. Ito, and M. Behn (2008), Mid-ocean ridge jumps associated with hotspot magmatism, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 266, 256-270.