Courses Recently Instructed

GG740 MGEO Seminar, Spring 2017

GG101 Dynamic Earth, Fall 2016

GG413 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis, Fall 2016

GG312 Geomathematics, Fall 2015

GG101 Dynamic Earth, Spring 2015

GG610 Graduate Seminar, Fall 2014

GG413 Geological Data Analysis, Fall 2014

GG652 Gravity, Magnetics, and Heatflow, Spring 2013

GG/OCN 312 Geomathematics, Fall 2012

GG410 Undergraduate Seminar, Spring 2012

GG652 Gravity, Magnetics, and Heatflow, Fall 2011

GG312 Geomathematics, Fall 2010

GG450 Exploration Geophysics, Spring 2010

GG410/610 Student Seminar, Fall 2009

GG304: Physics of the Earth and Planets, Spring 2009

GG681: Continuum Mechanics in Geophysics , Spring 2008