HUGO Sounds

All files are in AIFF format used by Macintosh. As the files have considerable dynamic range and much low frequency, computer speakers don't do it justice. Connecting a good speaker to your computer is strongly recommended. Note that nearly all (volcanic) sounds have a sharp first arrival followed 0.8 sec later by a lower frequency more dispersed arrival. The first is thought to be a direct arrival from the source and the second a reflection off the ocean surface. If so, the source of these events is about 2 km from the HUGO Junction Box.

Event File Size Event
A-10/10/97#25,28_low_f 839 K Several low frequency volcanic "shots"
B-10/10/97#20_low_f 452 K Several low frequency volcanic "shots")
C-10/10/97#42-44_shots 774 K Several volcanic "shots" some high freq
D-10/11/97#40_roar 1.4 MB major roar with many pops
E-10/10/97_All_hell_roar 5 MB "All Hell" roar - very low frequency roar with many pops and bangs accompanied by hiss
F-10/11/97#41_echo_events 516 K high freq shots with several echos
G-10/11/97#2-4_vhf_events 710 K high freq shots
H-10/11/97#27_pops 774 K volcanic pops
I-10/11/97# 32,35_shots 516 K mixed frequency shots
J-10/21/97#1-35-vlf 194 K very low frequency acoustic event
K-10/21/97#1#39,40_pops 5.3 MB series of volcanic "pops"
L-10/21/97#1#43_ROAR 3.8 MB roar/hiss event
M-10/21/98#2-1,2_huge 516 K HUGE event
N-10/21/98#2#22_huge 645 K HUGE event
O-10/21/97#2#28_woof 581 K series of low freqency chirps - volcanic?
P-2/19/98_THRUSTERS 581 K sound of submersible thrusters near HUGO--can hear ship on surface in background
Q-1/19/98_MOD_VOICE 1.3 MB voice as heard on the HUGO hydrophone before being demodulated (single side band 10 Khz carrier)
R-1/19/98_VOICE 2.7 MB Voice of Submersible pilot as heard on shore through HUGO hydrophone. Voice is on a 10 Khz carrier demodulated on shore. Can hear ship's reply weakly.
S-2/2/98_EWING_distant 1.5 MB R/V M. EWING shooting air guns 18 sec apart about 30 miles away
T-2/2/98_EWING_OVER 1.3 MB EWING shots directly over HUGO - can hear 3.5 Khz at 2 sec rep rate also
U-humpback_serenade 1.1 MB selected Humpback songs from four hours of continuous singing recorded 2/18/98

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