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Data updates - September 3, 1998

There have been a few changes which you should be aware of. There are some data files which should be reacquired via ftp as they have been updated. Our ftp site is: and the files are in the /pub/seacat directory.

  1. Almost all Seacat data files (for those deployments made prior to 1994) were quality controlled. Seacat data files ending with the extension '.fnl' have gone through quality control efforts. Details of the quality control efforts are documented in the file entitled "QC-EDITS". These efforts have served to identify problematic data and, when possible, to correct these data. Various methods were used to quality control these data including: CTD intercomparisons, near-mooring CTD casts, density stability analyses and analyses conducted during well-mixed periods. Also, when appropriate, temperature drift corrections were applied to these data.

Last modified: September 4, 1998