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Data updates - June 3, 1996

There have been a few changes which you should be aware of. There are some data files which should be reacquired via ftp as they have been updated. Our ftp site is: and the files are in the /pub/seacat directory.

  1. Seacat file sc7921.dft had a problem with its time base which caused the file to be inaccurate by almost half an hour at the end of its record. The problem has been fixed and the file should be reacquired.

  2. Seacat file sc10941.dft was found to be missing a large amount of records. The instrument also experienced a large number of conductivity drops beginning on November 24, 1992. It is unknown as to whether or not this has affected the data acquired after November 24 so these data are for now considered suspect and have been truncated from the record. Please reacquire this file. Should the data points be determined as good, another notification will be sent out via email.

  3. The following files have had minor corrections made to their time base. These corrections have not affected the times by more than 10 seconds. The files which had these minor corrections are: sc7932.dft, sc8012.dft, sc8022.dft, sc10861.dft, sc10891.avg, sc10951.dft and sc10961.dft.

Last modified: December 22, 1997