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Data updates - January 23, 1998

There have been a few changes which you should be aware of. There are some data files which should be reacquired via ftp as they have been updated. Our ftp site is: and the files are in the /pub/seacat directory.

  1. Timing problems were found with the instruments attached to the 2S 156E mooring during 1992-1993. Files affected were: sc10851.dft, sc10881.avg, sc10901.dft, sc10921.dft, sc10931.dft, sc10971.dft, sc10991.dft. The timing problems caused an overall timing difference of as much as 10 minutes between Seacats. As of January 23, 1998, these files have been corrected and updated.

Last modified: September 4, 1998