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Data updates - August 6, 1999

There have been a few changes which you should be aware of. There are some data files which should be reacquired via ftp as they have been updated. Our ftp site is: and the files are in the /pub/seacat directory.

  1. Quality control flags were added to the SEACAT data. For each SEACAT data file which has gone through quality control processing, there is a flag for each temperature and salinity data point to aid the data user to identify problematic data and to doucment the methods used to correct the data. These flags are located in the 5th column of quality controlled SEACAT data files. The first number of the flag refers to the temperature point, the second number of the flag refers to the salinity point.

    The key for the quality control flags is as follows:

    • 0 = missing or bad data, data value will be -9.99
    • 1 = pre-deployment calibrations used
    • 2 = pre- and post-deployment calibrations used (linearly interpolated in time)
    • 3 = data adjusted after comparison with co-located CTD casts
    • 9 = other (details supplied in documentation)

    Last modified: August 6, 1999