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Dear COARE Colleagues,

This is to announce the availability (by anonymous ftp) of temperature, conductivity and salinity time series that were acquired in the western Pacific warm pool by the University of Hawaii as part of the TOGA COARE Enhanced Monitoring using TAO moorings. Additionally, some post-COARE time series were acquired during a period of extended monitoring. These newly available data are not the complete set of such records, but are all those obtained using University of Hawaii Seacat instruments. These and T-S time series from other investigators will eventually be available from a database at NOAA/PMEL.

The delay in making these time series available to the COARE community is regretable. Despite the fact that these instruments were provided by the University of Hawaii participation in TOGA COARE, not all of the raw data series from the IOP were available to the PI until very recently. In addition, the calibration of salinity has been somewhat problematic for many of these records because of subsequent instrument loss (and the obvious inability to post-calibrate) and because of the apparent nonlinear nature of the drift of the conductivity cell during extended deployments. Having recently gained access to the full set of Seacat records from COARE, we are conducting research to determine the best calibration for each of these records. Thus, the records which we provide now are to be considered preliminary as discussed below.

We would appreciate those who obtain copies of these data to please inform us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards, Roger

Last modified: December 22, 1997