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The Role of Upper Ocean Processes in Modulating Air-Sea Fluxes During TOGA COARE

Roger Lukas (PI)
University of Hawaii
Department of Oceanography

Peter Hacker (Co-PI; University of Hawaii)
Gary Lagerloef (Co-PI; Earth and Space Research)
Alexander Soloviev (Co-PI; P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology)

Project Summary

Project final report (HTML)
Project final report (PDF) (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

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Upper Ocean Heat and Salt Balances in the Western Equatorial Pacific in response to Intraseasonal Oscillations during TOGA COARE

Upper Ocean Heat and Salt Balances in Response to a Westerly Wind Burst in the Western Equatorial Pacific during TOGA COARE

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Last modified: June 21, 2001