8.0 Figures

Figures 9.1-3. Continuous profiles of temperature, salinity and potential density (), including discrete bottle salinities at each CTD station for EQ-1 (Fig. 9.1), EQ-2 (Fig. 9.2) and EQ-3 (Fig. 9.3) cruises.

Figures 10-29. Contour plots of potential temperature (), salinity, potential density (), zonal and meridional current speed along the cruise sections for EQ-1 (Figs. 10-16), EQ-2 (Figs. 17-21) and EQ-3 (Figs. 22-29) cruises.

Figures 30-33. Current velocity vectors averaged in various layers: between 20-25 m, and over 50-m layers centered at 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250-m depth, for EQ-1 (Fig. 30), EQ-2 (Fig. 31) and EQ-3 (Leg1: Fig. 32, Leg2: Fig. 33) cruises.

Figures 34-39. Time series of near surface temperature (NST) and near surface salinity (NSS) measured by the thermosalinograph during EQ-1 (Figs. 34-35), EQ-2 (Figs. 36-37) and EQ-3 (Figs. 38-39) cruises.

Figures 40-42. Time series of meterological observations during EQ-1 (Fig. 40), EQ-2 (Fig. 41) and EQ-3 (Fig. 42) cruises.

Figures 43. Stack plot of temperature profiles measured by XBT during EQ-1 cruise.

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