7.0 Acknowledgments

We would like to thank all the cruise participants for their outstanding contributions and support. William Kessler and Linda Mangum deserve special thanks for serving as chief scientists. We also would like to thank Captain Robert Hayes and Captain John Stahl and the crew of the R/V Moana Wave for their professional and good-natured efforts; members of the Shipboard Technical Assistance Group, especially Pierluigi Pozzi; Julie Ranada and Xiaomei Zhou for processing the ADCP data; Venugopal Sanaka and Nava Zvaig for providing computer support; Sophia Asghar and James Potemra for conducting the salinity measurements; and Jason Killam for helping in the cruise preparations. Without their assistance, the data presented in this report could not have been collected, processed, and analyzed.

These data were acquired and processed with support under National Science Foundation (NSF) grant OCE-9024452. Toshiaki Shinoda was supported by grants from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration: NAS5-31772 (EOS) and SAIC 19-920192-31 (TRMM). This support is gratefully acknowledged.

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