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COARE CTD data were collected using a SeaBird CTD at the maximum sampling rate of 24 samples per second (24 Hz). They were screened for errors and processed to 2-dbar averages. Details of the CTD processing for EQ-1 can be found in HOT Data Report #1. Details of the CTD processing for EQ-2 and EQ-3 can be found in Shipboard Measurements from R/V Moana Wave during TOGA COARE Enhanced Monitoring Cruises Data Report. (To obtain a copies of these data reports, please contact Roger Lukas at the University of Hawaii at the address listed below).

CTD data are written to files using formats specified by the WOCE Hydrographic Programme Office. These formats are based on NODC formats, and are detailed in the WHP Office Report WHPO 90-1, available from Dr. Terrence Joyce, Director, WHP Office, Dept. of Physical Oceanography, WHOI, Woods Hole, MA 02543.

Data consist of pressure, temperature and salinity for all casts. Details of this format are given in the file Readme.format. Briefly, the format consists of a self-documenting header followed by the data. The data records are written so that they can be read with a simple FORTRAN read statement.

Temperatures are reported in ITS-90 units. Since temperature sensor calibrations were done in IPTS-68 units, and the UNESCO routines require IPTS-68 temperature, all intermediate processing was done in IPTS-68. As a final step, temperature and potential temperature were converted to ITS-90 using t_90 = 0.99976 t_68.

Dr. Roger Lukas
Department of Oceanography / University of Hawaii
1000 Pope Road MSB 309
Honolulu, HI 96822
telemail: R.LUKAS/OMNET


Data Station Summary Format Doc. FTP All FTP Stn. Station Plot
EQ-1 Summary Readme.format eq-1.tar.Z Stations EQ-1 Plot
EQ-2 Summary Readme.format eq-2.tar.Z Stations EQ-2 Plot
EQ-3 Summary Readme.format eq-3.tar.Z Stations EQ-3 Plot

Bottle Data

Data Station Summary Format Doc. FTP
EQ-1 Summary Readme.water.woce eq1.sea
EQ-2 Summary Readme.water.woce eq2.sea
EQ-3 Summary Readme.water.woce eq3.sea

Last modified: December 22, 1997